The WorldEthicForum sets itself the goal
to become the center of attention.

With the declaration “the earth’s right to dignity and respect” we address the philosophical, political, economic and social consequences of fundamental change.
This change is necessary so that we humans see ourselves as part of the earth and not as its masters.
The consciousness of connectedness arises from the everyday experience of a common, mutually striving vitality of all beings on this earth.
This experience of being and the willingness to draw personal and social consequences from it has the power to overcome the dualism of nature and culture and to meet the pressing questions and needs of our time with sustainable answers and solutions.
This change and the resulting consequences we want to discuss at our WorldEthicForum
October 1-3, 2021
St Moritz/Engadin / Congress Centre Rondo/ Pontresina
“The Law of the Earth”
– philosophical symposium
– Lectures and workshops on questions of an economy of the common good and its political feasibility
– Presentation of successful projects from all world regions
Art events especially in the field of music

The non-profit association WorldEthicForum. (Donations for the forum are tax-exempt)
the association is politically and religiously independent
World Future Council, founded by the founder of the Alternative Nobel Prize Jakob von Uexküll, with headquarters in Hamburg, Managing Director Alexandra Wandel
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Patronage committee:
Anna Giacometti, National Councillor GR; Sandra Locher, National Councillor GR; Marionna Schlatter, National Councillor ZH; Jon Pult, National Councillor GR; Alessandro Della Vedova State President GR, Martin Meuli, Head of the ZH Children’s Hospital Surgery; Anna Stünzi, President of the Think-Tank foraus; Pippo Pollina, Cantautore
Remo Largo, pediatrician and author; tbc
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more detailed program

In the 1. focus philosophical part, the main focus is on the question of how far we can approach the contradiction in thinking that the earth continues to exist even without rights, but that after 350,000 homo sapiens years of robbery, people suddenly find themselves at the point where they cannot continue to live without the recognition of this right, because otherwise they will rob themselves of their livelihood.
This raises questions about the dualism nature – culture, ecodictatorship – freedom, Leviathan – social contract, and the basic anthropological debate about whether there is any human nature at all, etc.
Andreas Weber or Gernot Böhme will certainly set the tone here. Bruno Latour and other speakers are in demand.

The 2nd focus is on the question of solutions and consequences that would result in a recognition of the right of Gaya (to speak with Latour) in the social, political, financial, economic and financial systemic sense.
How can/must we live and act as individuals and as states if this right of the earth is introduced in a justiciable and serious way, e.g. as the basis of human rights and international law.

This focus has a clear accent towards the solution and towards practice. It could be titled “Utopia and Reality”. Christian Felber’s Gemeinwohlölökonomie (Economy of the Common Good) will be part of this, and he will be open to local entrepreneurs and community representatives of the Engadin for a lecture and workshop. This includes the post-growth economy, as represented by Nico Paech or Katze Raworth (Doughnuteeconomic), and lectures on basic income, tax justice and climate change,

In the 3rd focus we want to offer a platform to projects that have already implemented this respect for the law of the earth, consciously and practically. Representatives mainly from the South all members of the Worl Future Council, who will hold their biennial Council meeting after the forum, will present their ideas and implementations. Auma Obama or Vananda Shiva, for example have confirmed their participation, but also projects from the North, agricultural, social and economically lived alternatives.

Last but not least, we will also listen to music during the two evenings, which we are convinced will open up and connect new synapses. One of these will be a world premiere by Gérard Zinstag.

Above all, we see the spiritual question of the transformation of the human being. Is it even possible to transform a person, and how? Is it technology that overcomes technology, is it a new faith that can change the world and above all people, is it us that can find reference through relationship, life through learning to die, liveliness through unity experience (we are the climate)?

What forces could inspire us, after so much time of successful predation, rewarded by evolution (from the extermination of mammoths to the decimation of bees and earthworms), to suddenly think, strive for and realize an upturn? Beuys and later Szeemann looked for the guiding forces (of the 21st century).
But this question of an encouragement for human life and the earth is only intended as the main theme for a later forum. However, like a good spirit, it should hover above the first one as a perspective and hope.