Patronage Committee

Alessandro Della Vedova
Cantonal Councillor for Graubünden
Andreas Reinhart
Entrepreneur and philanthropist
Anna Stünzi
President Think-Tank foraus
Anna Giacometti
National Councillor for Graubünden
Jon Pult
National Councillor for Graubünden
Marionna Schlatter
National Councillor for Zurich
Martin Meuli
Head of Surgery at the Zurich Children’s Hospital
Martin Ott
FiBL Foundation President and Member of the Fintan Foundation Board
Pippo Pollina
Sandra Locher Benguerel
National Councillor for Graubünden
Tatjana Hauptmann
Remo Largo
Paediatrician and author

Remo Largo, paediatrician and philanthrope, was the first member of our patronage committee. He passed away in November 2020. May his good heart and soul remain with the WorldEthicForum.