Guiding Principles – our Code of Conduct

Dialogue – unstoppable

The culture of radically shared aliveness is rooted and culminates in the willingness to enter into conversation with people and all beings on earth who share this aliveness with us.

The WorldEthicForum sees its power and purpose in entering with curiosity into conversations with each other as openly as possible.

The WorldEthicForum sees itself as a platform for learning: we consider the ability to listen and try to understand diverse perspectives to be more important than the rhetorical talent to convince others.

We see listening (inwardly and outwardly) as an individual and collective capacity worth practising.

Dialogue includes, also that what seems foreign or strange. Respecting people is more important to us than evaluating or judging their opinions.

The WorldEthicForum itself does not represent fixed opinions or beliefs but is rather a space for the inspirational exchange and learning from different ways of seeing and hearing.

We want to give space to meet possible controversies constructively together.

We see the WorldEthicForum as a practice space to become aware of our own conventional behavioral patterns and dynamics, to develop sensitivity for (subliminal) tendencies such as power and hierarchies, rejection and humiliation, or cancel culture, and by engaging in dialogue and relationship with the “other” (re)weaving healthy and longlasting connections.

We see controversy as an invitation to find a third, maybe unthinkable, path ahead.

These paths are the training ground for fruitful, creative, inspiring conversations – towards a culture of radically shared aliveness.