The Right of the Earth is our Reason

We dream of a solidaric community that acknowledges the right of the earth. With the WorldEthicForum, we want to move this vision to the fore and embed it in national and international law.

Mark Zumbühl

President WorldEthicForum

“It is our task to give back their right of existence to the mountains, to the water, to the glaciers, to the forests, to the air, to the plants, and to the animals.”

Mark Zumbühl, a trained journalist describes himself nowadays as an idler, author, columnist and political human being. Before retiring he was active during many years as a journalist and in managerial functions in print media, in television and on the radio. Later he was a member of the management of Pro Infirmis Schweiz. There he advocated successfully for sixteen years, with highly respected campaigns on billboards and with videos in social media, for the inclusion of persons with disabilities. At the WorldEthicForum he is the man who achieves the common purposes.

Linard Bardill

Managing Director WorldEthicForum

“This transformation of our consciousness, the realization that we are one with the earth, is for me one of the decisive landmarks on the path to a further human life with this wonderful earth.”

For by now almost forty years the theologian has been onstage. He is one of the most exceptional and most successful celebrated public characters from the Swiss children’s music scene. He campaigns relentlessly for a future suitable for our grandchildren. This he does both politically and in concrete projects. He visits children who are spending time in hospital or in children rehabilitation as an ambassador of the foundation “Kindherhilfe Sternschnuppe” with his magical bed songs. He ran for an office in the government of Grisons with the goal of advocating fair economics and schools that unleash the potential of school. He obtained a respectable achievement. At the WorldEthicForum he is the man that brings people together.

Selina Lucarelli

Coordination WorldEthicForum

„And so I dare to wish for a world in which people live in harmony with each other and with the natural world and all the wondrous animals with whom we share the planet.“ Jane Goodall

Already as a little child, Selina Lucarelli stood up for living beings and was always careful not to step on ants. As an environmental engineer she was employed during six years for environmental concerns at the building control office at the municipality of St. Moritz. She discovered her enthusiasm for coordination at I BIKE to move it 2019, the Swiss bike ride to the national climatestrike in Bern with 1’200 participants. She was responsible for the communication and the general coordination of the 32 bike routes to Bern. She organized the longest route from St. Moritz to Bern and cycled the eight-day journey herself. At the WorldEthicForum she is the woman who maintains an overview.