The earth is our home and source of life

We dream of a society based on solidarity that acknowledges the right of the Earth. With the WorldEthicForum, we want to move this vision to the fore and embed it in national and international law. Behind the WorldEthicForum is a growing team, an feedback circle and a patronage committee and partner organisations – younger people and older generations, national councillors, presidents of various organisations, film producers, artists and philosophers.

Dr. Auma Obama, sociologist, initiator of the Sauti Kuu Act Now Awards and our matroness from the very beginning, is unfortunately unable to attend the WorldEthicForum for personal reasons. We regret this very much and wish her all the best!



Prof. Dr. Vandana Shiva
Initiator of Navdanya (IND)
Vandana Shiva founded Navdanya, a national movement to protect the diversity and integrity of living resources, especially native seeds. Dr. Shiva has contributed in fundamental ways to changing the practice and paradigms of agriculture and food. Dr. Shiva is a Founding Board Member of many important organizations such as the International Forum on Globalisation and Diverse Women for Diversity. She is a member of the World Future Council.



Pius Tschumi

Pius Tschumi is the Director of the Mühlerama Museum in Zurich. He organises exhibitions on topical issues relating to food production and consumption for the historic industrial mill which doubles as a food museum. He mainly deals with matters concerning the global food system. His diverse interests at all levels benefit him in this respect. After a crucial experience as a member of the Museum of Fine Arts Chur Action Committee in 2017, he wants to assume responsibility and influences political processes. He would like to continue his commitment by participating in the WorldEthicForum in Pontresina.

Linard Bardill
Managing Director & Fundraising

This transformation of our consciousness, the realization that we are one with the Earth, is for me one of the decisive landmarks on the path to continued human existence on this wonderful Earth. Linard Bardill is one of the most successful celebrated public figures from the Swiss performing arts and children’s music scene. He campaigns relentlessly for a future suitable for our grandchildren. He visits children who are spending time in hospital or in children rehabilitation as an ambassador of the foundation Kinderhilfe Sternschnuppe with his magical bed songs. He ran for an office in the government of Graubünden with the goal of advocating fair economics and schools that unleash the full potential of their pupils. He achieved reasonable success.

Selina Lucarelli

Already as a little child, Selina Lucarelli stood up for living beings. As an environmental engineer, she was employed for six years at the building control office of the municipality of St. Moritz, where she was responsible for environmental concerns. She discovered her enthusiasm for coordination at I BIKE to move it 2019, the Swiss bike ride to the national climate strike in Bern with 1,200 participants. She was responsible for the communication and the general coordination of the 32 bike routes to Bern. She organized the longest route from St. Moritz to Bern and cycled the nine-day journey herself.

Luea Ritter
Process Design, Facilitation & Action Research

Luea Ritter works internationally across various sectors to guide and design holistic transition processes that embrace the challenge and potential of our times. She thrives within complexity, and through a diverse medley of fields has developed a high sensitivity for context-based social dynamics. She weaves societal change practices, trauma and healing work, leadership and Earth-based wisdom traditions to cultivate capacities in individuals and collectives. She is part of collaboratio helvetica, an initiative that catalyses systemic change towards the societal transformation of Switzerland by cultivating a cross-sectoral innovation ecosystem, running different capacity-building programmes and an open knowledge sharing platform. She serves as co-founder and creative steward of Collective Transitions, an action-learning and research organization dedicated to building shared capacity for transformational shifts.

Godelieve Spaas

By sharing yet unheard stories and walking untrodden paths, we allow interdependent systems to reveal themselves, to be interpreted and to become a platform for ethical decisions in everyday organizational reality. Godelieve Spaas is professor new economy at Avans university of applied science, co-founder of the Wire Group - Venturing for Impact, a board member of Herenboeren Nederland and Deputy Director of the Pari Center in Italy. She is a researcher, maker, performer and writer and engages with radical new economic practices and theories and proposes alternative economic narratives and entrepreneurial principles. Researching and creating new ways of entrepreneurial organizing in Europe and Africa deepened her insight into how to combine worlds that are often separated such as art, science, indigenous knowledge, nature and entrepreneurship. Her aim is to increase diversity in organizational and entrepreneurial models and realities with a view to the development of a fairer entrepreneurial space.

Niki Wiese
Communications & Harvesting
Niki Wiese is interested in everything that lives and breathes. Whether as a communication specialist, social innovator, media artist, cultural mediator, designer, ethnomusicologist, mother, networker or Web3 explorer – she loves the exchange and co-creation with many different people as well as with other, non-human forms of being. More recently, she founded the projects ANiM, space of possibilities (since 2017) and Zukunftbureau (since 2019) and supported the core team of the national exhibition initiative X27 from 2020-21. The Gestalt-Society is her heart's affair. It is about energising a social self-image that lives its creative power, that rethinks living together and being human in relation to nature and technology, that experiments with new things, that is capable to consciously and confidentially moving into the future.
Marco Gyger
Marco Gyger lives and loves complexity, music, nature, and the spoken & written word. As a trained outdoor and adult educator, he accompanies people in their processes of learning and empowers them through asking deep questions. He focuses on co-creating a regenerative pathway to our common future. On this way he senses and explores emerging connections and thrives by making them tangible to others. With his background in educational philosophy and theory of education, he is interested in deliberative democracy and currently works at the 2022 Citizens' Assembly for Food Policy. At BaselWandel a transition town organisation, he writes the monthly newsletter. His monthly three-hour theme-centred music collection airs as mindful moment of sounds at radio Kanal K . Marco is a team member of collaboratio helvetica, a swiss initiative that catalyses systemic change towards societal transformation.
Dr. Anaïs Sägesser
Anaïs thrives in accompanying groups of people in transformative learning processes that address the connection to self, others, nature and the universe. She holds space for personal transformation, community engagement and civic action, addressing both social equity and systems change. She engages with a warm heart and keen intellect in transdisciplinary co-creation processes. Anaïs is co-founder of scaling4good – an organisation dedicated to systems change for the flourishing of life within planetary boundaries - and serves on the boards of RCE – Zurich, BaselWandel, the Advisory Board of re-source ZHdK, as Chair of Trustees at Mahadevi Yoga Centre and is a member of Legacy17.
Nancy Zamierowski
Sensing & Harvesting
Nancy Zamierowski is passionate about making the invisible valuable and improving upon the “how” of working together. Through her writing, visuals and facilitation, she leads people into experiences to help activate new parts of the self and other ways of knowing to build greater trust while navigating the unknown. She serves as co-founder and creative architect of Collective Transitions, an action-learning and research organization dedicated to building shared capacity for transformational shifts. Nancy co-founded a participatory online marketplace for global farmers starting with cacao and stewarded a conservation organization which cultivates local capacity to protect and restore forest frontiers.
Tobias Drilling
Guardian of the Volunteers
Tobias Drilling thinks and acts in different ways around the issues of migration, people on the run, war, peace and humanitarian work. Through various experiences in NGOs, SDC, activist movements and international organisations, he sees the need for a systemic rethinking and new shaping of these areas of social (and thus also ecological) injustice. Having just completed his studies in Geneva, it is becoming increasingly clear what is close to his heart and what he wants to work for: peace. A life in harmony with himself, others and the earth. That is why he now supports various small grassroots initiatives, projects and festivals; among others, as co-president of the NGO Be Aware and Share, which works for people on the run.
Georgia Hauser
Guardiance of Well-Being
As a paramedic and nurse, Georgia has an insight into today's healthcare system. The origins of health are secondary to the treatment of disease in the health system and in society. This was the motivation for Georgia to get more involved in health promotion with several specialised trainings. As a mindfulness and nature coach, breath coach and hypnotherapist, she wants to promote people's true potential with ViVAA Life Coaching and contribute to natural and holistic health. Georgia sees a reconnection with nature and an increase in cordiality as a solution for more inner peace, which is then reflected on the outside.


Feedback Circle

Corin Curschellas
Musician and singer
Ditti Bürgin-Brook
Film producer, lecturer and speaker
Doris Ragettli
Founder of the Global Petition for a UN Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth
Fridolin Stähli
Germanist and nature ethicist
Hansjörg Hosch
ENT specialist and politician
Lukas Niederberger
Philosopher of Ethics and Theologian
Paul Martin Scherer
Rosmarie Wydler-Wälti
Co-President of KlimaSeniorinnen Switzerland and parenting and couples counsellor
Susanne Sugimoto
Managing Director Sugimoto Consulting
Thomas Hagmann
Coach and organisational consultant
Violette Ruppanner
Economist, organisational consultant and facilitator
Walter Lietha
Antiquarian and singer


Matronage/Patronage Committee

Alessandro Della Vedova
Cantonal Councillor for Graubünden
Andreas Reinhart
Entrepreneur and philanthropist
Anna Stünzi
President Think-Tank foraus
Anna Giacometti
National Councillor for Graubünden
Jon Pult
National Councillor for Graubünden
Marionna Schlatter
National Councillor for Zurich
Martin Meuli
Head of Surgery at the Zurich Children’s Hospital
Martin Ott
FiBL Foundation President and Member of the Fintan Foundation Board
Pippo Pollina
Sandra Locher Benguerel
National Councillor for Graubünden
Tatjana Hauptmann
Remo Largo
Paediatrician and author

Remo Largo, paediatrician and philanthrope, was the first member of our patronage committee. He passed away in November 2020. May his good heart and soul remain with the WorldEthicForum.