We’re looking for volunteers

Since we are not organising an exclusive festival and would like to connect with different people, we work with a network of volunteers.

Possible jobs for volunteers:

  • Supporting the coordination team before the event (ticket booking, arrivals)
  • Assisting the core team, jumpers
  • Handicrafts, set-up and dismantling
  • Transporting guests to and from the station
  • Help with ticketing, admission, security and first aid
  • Guest relations, room responsibilities
  • Accompaniment and/or co-facilitation of workshops
  • Oral translation (engl/german) at workshops
  • Oral translation (french) for a guest from Niger
  • Live reporting on social media channels
  • Support for harvesting and photo/video documentation
  • Accommodation for musicians and helpers

Are you interested? – Write us an email or fill out this form. Thank you!