We’re looking for volunteers

Since we are not organising an exclusive festival and would like to connect with different people, we work with a network of volunteers.

Possible jobs for volunteers:

  • Supporting the coordination team before the event (ticket booking, arrivals)
  • Assisting the core team, jumpers
  • Handicrafts, set-up and dismantling
  • Transporting guests to and from the station
  • Help with ticketing, admission, security and first aid
  • Guest relations, room responsibilities
  • Accompaniment and/or co-facilitation of workshops
  • Oral translation (engl/german) at workshops
  • Oral translation (french) for a guest from Niger
  • Live reporting on social media channels
  • Support for harvesting and photo/video documentation
  • Accommodation for musicians and helpers

If you would like to be part of this endeavour or support us as a volonteer, reach out to us > Email

We would like to thank the following people for their appreciated assistance with the WorldEthicForum 2023:

Adbullah Shakil, Claudia Vaderna, Daniel Fahrni, David Young, Gina Gadischke, Julian Hauer, Vera Briner

… with the Vandana Shiva Event in Zurich:

Talina, Sara, Romina, Ronny, Alia, Daniel Fahrni, Gaby, Lea, Uli, Vera Briner

… especially with the «Warm Data Lab»:

Heiko Specking, Katherine Hermans, Edoardo Ghidelli, Eva-Maria Spreitzer, Marion Wolff

… and with the WorldEthicForum 2022:

Simona Degiacomi, Colin Thalmann, Hélène Eynard, Hanna Eichenberger und Jonathan Eichenberger, Rainer Figallo, Riaan Kämpfer, Ursina von Albertini, Marion und Ulrich, Vignesh Vancheeshwar, Madeleine Isler, Anna Shakhovets, Vera Briner, Leticia Cordero Mote, Salimata Seck, Christa Hermann, Lisette Oberleitner, Walter Gabriel, Hanna Schönenberger, Bridget Thomson, Manuela Pagani Larghi, Swasti Handa, Alessandra Degiacomi, Denise Kley, Matilda Sangiorgio, Sam Nüesch, Sarah Pfister, Benedikt Zwyssig, Verena Schranz, Lisa, Gaël Hänni, Majka Baur, Lisa Measures