Odelia Toder – Our Artist in Residence

Odelia Toder, Artist in Residence of the World Ethic Forum

Following our open call, we are very happy to welcome Odelia Toder as the first World Ethic Forum’s artist-in-residence. Odelia will be adding her artistic interpretation and resonance to the tapestry of our shared exploration, experiences and sharings. This we see as an important way to create a dimension of our work that transcends language. With our global circle of Firekeepers and bilingual communication in German and English, we deeply value this collaboration and hope that it will help to make what is at heart of the World Ethic Forum more tangible and available.

Odelia is multi disciplinary artist working across diverse mediums consisting of film, photography, painting and collage. Frequently embracing the usage of found materials through experimental and improvised methods, her practice is guided by a desire to deepen the relationship of reciprocity and kinship with her inhabited environment. In her current painting and collage works she introduces up-cycled and foraged materials into conventional art practices, creating imprints of reality to invite a deeper tactile dialogue around existence and belonging.

In parallel with her artistic practice, she works closely with the improvised music scene in Berlin and New York as a director of experimental music videos, content creator and a visual designer.

Her interests are deeply rooted in environmental and socio-geographic discourse, engagement in local and global community building and the belief in the power of art being a catalyst for positive change.