The Heart
of Change
Pathways to an ethic of radically shared aliveness
Our Public Event in Pontresina, Switzerland
30 August to 1 September 2024

Fostering aliveness, that is radically shared

The work of the World Ethic Forum is inspired by deep reflection on what radically shared aliveness entails and how we humans can increase and foster it rather than diminish it.

We could deal with crises by analysing them and searching for ways to overcome them. This has been done diligently for decades, and the world seems to be getting further and further into crisis. There may be another way. That is where the World Ethic Forum explores, searches, tests, and senses its way forward towards a common and ethical ground that serves all forms of life.

Ethic goes beyond mere rules of behaviour and is more than just a long list of regulations. Ethic is attentiveness and presence for the beings that are here, with us, who we are, and with whom we are in constant relationship, learning from and with each other with courage, humility, and respect. 

We embarked on a journey of discovery and inquiry to better understand dividing and separating undercurrents, listen to what they allude to, and explore what it takes to shift—individually and collectively—and translate them into meaningful actions.

Together, across places, sectors, and social classes, we are dedicated to encountering unknowns, challenges, and new opportunities. The journey encourages us to rethink our most basic assumptions and invites us to embody reality in new ways that regenerate and enhance life, maybe more radically than we can imagine now.

Will you join us?