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December 2023

Social Innovations Journal

Inquiry into Inclusive, Transformative Learning Processes for Knowledge and Wisdom Creation on Underlying Root Issues in Sustainability: Insights from the WorldEthicForum Convening 2023

By Luea Ritter, Marco Gyger, Dr. Anaïs Sägesser and Marie-Pascale Gafinen

This paper addresses the question of how Generative Scribing and the practice of Social Field Resonance can foster inclusive and transformative learning processes for knowledge and wisdom creation on underlying root issues in sustainability. It presents a practitioner's reflection in the context of the WorldEthicForum (WEFo). The WEFo is a global inquiry-based living lab embracing a multistakeholder, trans-contextual, cross-sector, and intergenerational approach to fostering a regenerative future. This paper shares some of the main insights and lessons learned from the second in-person convening of the WEFo in August 2023 in Pontresina, Switzerland. It particularly uses the lens of the Generative Scribing (GS) practice (Bird 2018b) that accompanied the two-and-a-half days and the Social Field Resonance (SFR) practice (Scharmer and Pomeroy 2019) that took place on the last day.

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