That was the programme 27/28 August 2022

Deep reflection on the polycrisis, and in particular the ecological crisis, led us to our initial proposition and the initiation of the WorldEthicForum. We share the concern of many people to get to the root of these and to counterbalance the alienation between humans and nature – and thus stand up FOR and live TOWARDS a "radically shared aliveness".

Our two-day public programme is a wholehearted invitation to join this multi-year journey. We want to explore together how we can experience with body, heart, head, and soul what connects us all, human and non-human beings, when we go to the core with honesty, transparency and mutual support. We will reflect, wander, listen, talk, smell, turn upside down, meet, revel in sounds, feel the earth beneath and around us, inspire, and learn from each other – in short: see the world from different sides.