The Heart
of Change
30 August to 1 September 2024

The multi-day public event of the World Ethic Forum 2024

Rondo Congress Center, Pontresina (CH)

Pathways to an ethic of radically shared aliveness

The work of the WorldEthicForum is inspired by deep reflection on how vitality enters the world and how humans can increase it rather than diminish it.

We could deal with crises by analysing them and searching for ways to overcome them. This has been done diligently for decades, and the world seems to be getting further and further into crisis. Perhaps there is another way. Perhaps it is about bringing our own hearts into a change that does not come from the crisis but from the potential of the vitality of our earth and ourselves.

We are engaged in the search for the heart of change. This requires openness, a willingness to say goodbye to entrenched solution models and a departure into the unknown towards experiences and events that take us by surprise.

This year, we will meet again and immerse ourselves in exploring practices, contents and realisations of time-based ethics across sectors and cultures.

From 30 August in the afternoon until noon on 1 September, we will open our windows and doors for the multi-day public event.

Our common horizon is a culture of radically shared aliveness.

Our Invitation

Imagine yourself surrounded by the splendour of the Engadin, in the forests, on the meadows, in the mountains, on the glaciers, on the paths and trails. A weekend with walks among animals and plants, with philosophical encounters about being and silence, with a musical exploration of echoes from the future, with a night of sounds and with lots of dialogue, learning and shared immersion in the richness of the different perspectives of a shared aliveness.

Radically shared. Radical because we go to the radix, the root.

The WorldEthicForum opens its doors and windows to everyone who wants to experience and celebrate radically shared liveliness together with our Firekeepers.

Our public programme is a wholehearted invitation to join our multi-year journey. 

We will explore together how we can experience with body, heart, head and soul what connects us all, human and non-human beings, when we go to the core in honesty, transparency and mutual support.

We will reflect, wander, listen, talk, smell, turn upside down, meet, revel in sounds, feel the earth beneath and around us, inspire and learn from each other—in short, see the world from different sides.

The Programme

We are still working on our full programme and for a good idea of what to expect, please have a look at our most recent Public Programme in 2022. The photos below are also impressions from this event.


Minna Salami
Author and Social Critic (GBR)
Minna Salami is a feminist theorist and founder of the multiple award-winning blog  MsAfropolitan. She is the author of Sensuous Knowledge: A Black Feminist Approach for Everyone, a critical book exploring universal ideas from an Africa-centred, decolonial and feminist perspective. She is co-director of the feminist movement Activate and a Senior Research Associate at Perspectiva. She sits on the advisory board of the African Feminist Initiative at Pennsylvania State University and the editorial board of the Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of the Sahel. Minna has lived in Nigeria, Sweden, Spain and New York and now lives in London.
Dr. phil. Andreas Weber
Writer and journalist (DEU)
Andreas Weber obtained a Ph.D. in philosophy in 2003 with the thesis Natur als Bedeutung. Versuch einer semiotischen Theorie des Lebendigen. He has worked as a journalist for publications such as Die Zeit, GEO, Merian and Greenpeace Magazin. In his monographs, such as Alles fühlt. Mensch, Natur und die Revolution der Lebenswissenschaften, Biokapital. Die Versöhnung von Wirtschaft, Natur und Mensch und Lebendigkeit. Eine erotische Ökologie, he promotes concepts such as sensation, subjectivity and beauty as fundamental for interpreting the world.
Photo: Valentina Bosio-Raynard
Christian Felber
Initiator of the Economy for the Common Good (AUT)
Christian Felber is a writer, university lecturer and contemporary dancer in Vienna. He is the initiator of the Economy for the Common Good and the Cooperative for the Common Good. Several bestsellers include Change everything. Creating an Economy for the Common Good and Money. The new rules of the game, which was awarded the getAbstract International Book Award 2014. The Economy for the Common Good received the ZEIT-Wissen Award in 2017. In 2021, the "Economy for the Common Good" was on the SPIEGEL bestseller list.
Photo: Robert Gortana
Prof. Dr. Franz-Theo Gottwald
Author and Chair of the Supervisory Board of the World Future Council (DEU)
As a practical environmental philosopher Franz-Theo Gottwald enjoys supporting processes of transformation: on a personal level, but also on a systemic level. That is why he spent most of his time in agricultural and food ethics to discover and share sound reasons for an ecologically and socially just food system. Since a lot of agroecological knowledge is at hand it is now high time to implement foodsecurity using the guiding principle of food sovereignity globally. Gottwald is the Chair of the Supervisory Board of the World Future Council.
Dr. Cordula Reimann
Cordula Reimann has been working for over 20 years as a trainer, mediator, consultant, process facilitator and university lecturer. Her fields are peacebuilding, development cooperation and gender equality with a great interest in and broad knowledge of psychological and spiritual issues. "I am convinced that theoretically every conflict can be transformed and changed – the challenge remains to engage unconditionally, self-critically and openly with a complex problem and power constellations."
Quartet Plus 1 with Verena Ries
Quartet PLUS 1 are Kathrina Hülsmann, Katharina Pfänder and Lisa Stepf. Since 2005 they have been testing the string quartet for its global contemporaries. One focus of their transdisciplinary, collective work is artistic I: Ritual Research: I with the director and performer Verena Ries. In their search for musical-performative formats, they found the ritual as a timeless and innovative form of doing things together, as a sensual and meaningful way of reflecting on the aesthetics. The experience allows the individual to merge into the collective, creating meaning and a holistic experience for all ages and barrier-free.
Rigolo TanzTheater
As a living experiment, Rigolo strive with their productions a wholeness of dance, theater, music, costumes, stage and buildings, of statement and inner depth. Visitors immerse themselves in an unfamiliar, self-obeying world: through colors and smells, with dishes and sounds, they can attune themselves to a full-length ritual with all their senses. You do not simply experience a dance theater, but discover a world in which hidden, archaic-mythical ideas reopen in an enigmatic way.


There are two main options for joining us. You can either experience the full event starting from Friday afternoon right through to Sunday lunch. Or you can choose to join us from Saturday afternoon until lunch on Sunday. The following gives you an idea of what to expect from each option and what each ticket includes:

  • Friday until Saturday lunch (for guests on Full Event tickets)
    • Opening event
    • Workshop of your choice
    • Dinner
    • Cinema evening
    • Mindfulness practice on Saturday
    • A workshop of your choice on Saturday 
    • Lunch

  • Saturday afternoon until Sunday lunch (for Full Event and Saturday & Sunday Ticket holders)
    • A workshop of your choice on Saturday afternoon
    • Dinner on Saturday
    • Evening event on Saturday
    • Mindfulness practice on Sunday morning
    • A workshop of your choice on Sunday morning
    • Closing event

Throughout: Open spaces for silence, dialogue and exchange.

Registration for the workshops will open in June, and you will receive a form to indicate your preferences.

The programme will be held in English/German unless otherwise stated. Ad hoc translating will be provided.

Accommodation in Pontresina

We can recommend the following accommodation options in Pontresina and the surrounding area (this is not included in the ticket price):